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Branded Content

We are

Writers, developers and content platform creators with best of class pedigree focused on architecting, designing, developing and launching branded content platforms and experiences for fresh new talent nationwide.

How we work 

We build integrated branded content platforms and experiences that include but are not limited to long form and live event content, social, digital, experiential, mixed reality and mobile.

Why this approach works 

By developing complete integrated ecosystems for our talent and creative content we are able to continue to reach an increasingly splintered and fragmented market share/demo. Our content is customized and cross-pollinated across both traditional and emergent channels, providing better experiences for audiences (always on, on demand) and leveraging production budgets successfully across multiple outlets.

How to work with us 

Have an idea for a series or show? Talk to us. Have a program that needs amplification? Let us architect and amplify your program. Connect with us to explore how we leverage social digital and experiential to make new faces household names.